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Al Fay Mosque

The main concept of Al Fay Mosque is the shadow, which was inspired from Prophet Muhammad ( peace upon him ) haddith: Seven of those whom Allaah will shade with His shade on the Day when there will be no shade except His were mentioned in the saheeh ahaadeeth. The logo was designed by Al-Kofi Font and the curves in the logo represents the Domes of the Mosques which is one of its features. The outer panels for the mosque is depending on the shadow of the vicious sign when the light focus on it.


Screen Shot-20 at 11.57.34 AM-34.jpg
Screen Shot-20 at 11.57.34 AM-30.jpg
Screen Shot-20 at 11.57.34 AM-02.jpg




Al Qirawan Gate..-01.jpg
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